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      Sounds of panic and running feet filled the air as my 1 year old sister, Belladonna, was rushed to the Hospital wing. I stayed with the stretcher as she is rushed to the Emergency room. My parents following behind by a few feet. By the time they reach the operating room, I'm swept away from the stretcher by my parents. I cry out to my sister while my parents hold me close, crying as well.

         "M-Mommy? Daddy? B-Bella will be okay right?" I asked in my tiny, 6 year old voice.

"We're not sure honey," my father replied.

    I looked down at the floor, it only had been mere seconds since I last saw Bella. But I already missed her so much. I started to cry and my mother picked me up and held me close.

  "Shhh... Bella is going to be okay," she said in her soothing voice.

  I hugged my mother tightly as she too, started to cry. Then my father came over and hugged her. I had never seen my parents this sad before. That's when I thought of something.

   "M-mommy? Why do the normal people hate us?" I asked.

 "Because we're different sweetie. We're the rulers of chaos and we live in a big castle. We're feared everywhere we go." My mother says quietly, rocking me.
      I looked at my father who was crying silently. I had seen my mother cry before, but I've never seen my father cry ever. My father was always strong and fearless. He was a universal dream demon named Bill Cipher. He was a chaos god. He struck fear into his subjects wherever he went. But now, he was weak and sorrowful. He looked like he was going to lose it then and there.

     A nurse then lead us to the waiting room while my mother carried me.
My mother was different from my father, she loved her subjects with her whole heart. She cared for them and treated them with respect, even though they hated her back. She was pale and fragile, yet very beautiful. At least that's what me and my father think. She too is a chaos god. She's a mix between a siren and a dragonuquus, two very powerful beings. But even though she's one of the most dangerous beings in the universe, she cares for everybody and everything. Her name is Discord, which means "chaos and disharmony."
   My mother and father were so different yet so alike. But despite their differences they loved each other. My father is the brick wall that keeps the family in line, and my mother is the glue that holds the family together.
My father has anger problems, my mother tells me. When he gets upset she's the only one that can calm him down, I've tried to calm him down and it doesn't work.

       My mother will comfort him and soothe him and she won't stop supporting him until he feels better. Sometimes comfort isn't always the best method and my mother has to spent some "adult time" with him. I'm not allowed to go into my mother nor my father's room during adult time, I don't know what it means but I honestly am too scared of my father when he's upset to find out. My mother tells me when I turn 10 she'll explain what adult time is to me.

We spent a few hours in the waiting room until a nurse walks up to us. Then we head to Bella's hospital room, but I'm not allowed in. I don't exactly know why I'm kept out of the room from seeing my sister, but I obey and stay out. I wait and wait until my curious ears decide to listen in on the conversation with the doctor and my parents.
 I press my ear up against the door and listen closely. I don't understand much on what they're saying until I hear the words,

"I'm sorry Mr. And Mrs. Cipher, but there is nothing more we can do for your daughter. She has passed away."

This is from my Wattpad leedleleedlelee
Everyone who sees Bill Cipher and Discord in the same picture are like:



And I'm over here shipping them so hard. They have a lot in common so I don't see why people don't like them together
Needed some Bill X Discord for this deviantart account
Congratulations to Trever and Christen! Way to go you two!
Sadly, I will not be able to go to your wedding ;-;
Anyways, I'm super happy you two are engaged and I'll try to make some ship art for you two soon.


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Hey Guys!
Its Jasey!


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